February 11th 2022
All I (Jon) wanted for my birthday was a unique ice-cream-related experience. Then I found out that some select Ben & Jerry's locations can make The Vermonster. 20 scoops. Lots of cookies and brownies. Tons of other toppings. A world of ice cream joy, sorrow, excitement, and pain all at once. The pictures really don't do it justice. The bucket is huge. Probably twice the size of the typical one-gallon ice cream bucket you see in stores. So much ice cream.
I tried, friends. I really tried. But I only got through maybe a third of it at time of purchase. And I walked away feeling.. rough.
Fear not. I finished it fully within the next 20 hours 😁. Would I do it again? Yes, but not with an 'attempt to eat it all now' mindset. More like a 'just bought ice cream from the store and will eat it at a reasonable rate' mindset. Thanks to my wife for supporting me through this journey 😅