November 6th 2021
Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park. My goodness, what a day. We started this Saturday off early... 4:30am early. The goal was to make it up to RMNP and into the mountains before the sunrise so we could see the sun crest over the mountain tops for the day. The pictures speak for themselves πŸ‘€
After the sunrise and a little breakfast, we headed toward our hike for the day β€” Glass Lake / Sky Pond. Prepared with ice spikes for our boots this time around (see last weekend's slippery journey), we headed for the mountain-tops! Good thing too, most of the trail was frozen solid πŸ˜…. We climbed some pretty steep terrain and caught some frozen lakes along the way before hitting the timberline (which I think is about 12,000 feet?). We ended up having to turn around soon after; the trail turned into 2-4 foot deep loose / fresh snow with no trail markings or visual guide toward where to walk and we just didn't have the right gear for it... but we got some beautiful shots along the way:
Finally we topped off the day with a surprise! On the way back from RMNP we found ourselves in a herd of 100+ wild Elk roaming around the river in Estes Park. Half deer, half moose, and hilariously high-pitched with their speaking talking calls. Cute ☺️